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Utility Charters

Columbus Helicopter Fleet

Common Utility Services

  • Equipment Transport
  • Ski Area Maintenance
  • ROW Trimming/Clearing
  • Offshore Operations
  • Miscellaneous Drops

Helicopters: Providing Solutions for Varied Utilities

GeoHeli offers Georgia a wide range of utility services. A helicopter’s maneuverability and speed lends itself to both routine and unusual projects. Here are just a few examples where we can provide significant improvement in comparison to competition from outdated methodologies.

  • ROW Trimming: For preventative line-clearing maintenance, we equip a helicopter with a 20 foot chainsaw to efficiently clear branches and debris from roadways. Directional pruning is utilized to direct future growth away from power lines. Bucket trucks cannot compare to helicopter trimming, which occurs in a fraction of the time and without the need to shutdown Columbus traffic.
  • Ski Area Maintenance: Similar to ROW trimming, GeoHeli mobilizes aerial resources to ski areas for clearing out, trimming, and overall maintenance. We coordinate the removal of overextended branches and heavy debris, as well as aiding in avalanche control.
  • Field Drying: Sports fields, farms, and vineyards use the downward wash from a helicopter’s rotors to expediently dry an area or displace moisture. Sometimes only displacing moisture is needed (rather than completely drying), because water droplets can leave crops susceptible to rot. Where commercial fans (commonly used to protect against frost) don’t blow hard enough, helicopters can meet the task.
  • Geological Exploration Support: Accurate height and speed control, alongside equipment meant to meet project specific goals, are used to survey, map, and record data of a particular area (e.g. electromagnetic, LiDAR, etc..). This information can be gathered for mineral exploration, wildlife, real estate, and other needs. For more information about our aerial surveys of Columbus, Georgia and surrounding areas, click HERE.
  • Heli-portable Drill Operations: Helicopters are uniquely capable of transporting equipment and materials to mountainous, densely wooded, offshore, and other remote locations. As the helicopters available to us mobilize around the country, we routinely select the closest helicopter and pilot that can sufficiently meet our client’s needs.

For many operations, GeoHeli can also provide helicopters for aerial supervision and inspection of ongoing projects. Call 855-712-3156 for your dedicated helicopter logistics partner.

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Similar Work

Columbus Helicopter Avalanche Control

Avalanche Control

Mountainous areas can typically undergo intense snow buildup, that can be dangerous in tourist areas. GeoHeli can identify and employ small controlled detonations from the saftey of our aerial units.

Columbus Helicopter Oil Rig

Offshore Operations

Helicopters have very few limitations for offshore operations. GeoHeli can do anything from developing offshore wind turbine farms, oil & gas transport, and salvage recovery.

Columbus Helicopter Logging

Miscellaneous Drops

Everything from more conventional drops including logs & equipment, there are many other unexpected uses for helicopters. Some of those uses are quite unique; like a helicopter easter egg drop for a memorable holiday, hot tub installation for a luxurious addition to your home, or golf ball drop for a charity raffle/fundraiser. The possibilities are limitless.